Thursday, December 17, 2020

Poor Mister Lee - Rufusking

 Here is a rare late-night post for you guys. Fresh on all streaming services come morning time is the new single by Dutch band Rufusking. I'm glad I could squeak out a review just in time for the big release.

Their newest single "Poor Mister Lee" opens using one of my favorite techniques in music. The intro comes together one instrument at a time; first the drum beat, which is then accompanied by the bass to set the rhythm. Then the dingy-twangy tone of the guitar resonates through your eardrums, taking me back to the days of The Kinks. Legitimately, as soon as the guitar joined the rest of the band, the tone immediately reminded me specifically of "All Day and All Of The Night," or, "You Really Got Me." Though unmentioned to me as one of their specific influences, I can't help but feel some Kinky flavors in their sound. 

There's something delightfully simple yet funky about the bass groove to this song, that has me bopping my head before the song even really begins. My biggest fear getting deeper into the song was that the singer's voice wouldn't match, and would lose me completely. I was, however, pleasantly surprised at how perfectly the sounds blend together. Sonically it's a beautiful marriage.

My biggest draw back, is perhaps the crescendos and treble build up during the chorus. It's mixed quite well, but something about it comes across as slightly abrasive. And just before it becomes too much, it drops back down to it being just the percussion and drums. It certainly keeps things interesting, though maybe a little jarring. I would have considered maybe turning the bass up and everything else down a little during these louder choruses, just to even it out a little more. Of course the draw back in doing so would be that you wouldn't appreciate the lone bass groove as much as you do when you get it, so it's likely safe to say this balance technique was done on purpose.

Truthfully I listened to this song a handful of times while writing this, not because I feel like I missed something, but simply because I liked the song that much. I'm hoping the band reads this and sends me the lyrics, so I can fully appreciate everything there is to this song. I'm aware of how quick of a read this review was, but I kept it short and sweet much like the song itself. It is certainly among my favorite singles I've listened to this year, and when Rufusking releases a full length album into the world, you bet I will be among the first eager listeners.

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